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Skin Care Kits

Skin Care Kits

Whether you want to stock up on your favorite Skin Script Rx production or are looking for a way to try a complete Skin Script Rx treatment regimen, Skin Script Rx Kits are perfect for you. They’re a great way to get quality products at a discounted price, making them a smart buy for anyone who wants to spoil their skin.

The Skin Script Rx Kits line includes the following collections:

· Dry Skin Kit - products work together to infuse the skin with moisture for healthier, more plump, revitalized complexion

· Normal/Combination Skin Kit - perfect for almost everyone, this kit nourishes all types of skin while dealing effectively with breakouts and blemishes

· Oily Skin Kit - perfect for oily acne prone skin to reduce oil levels, neutralize bacteria, and promote a clear complexion

· Rosacea/Sensitive Skin Kit - gentle formulas fortify and nourish sensitive skin for fast recovery and a normalized appearance

· Moderate Acne Skin Kit - treats moderate acne with a powerful group of nourishing products

· Mild Acne Skin Kit - perfect for adults or teenagers who suffer from the occasional breakouts

· Hyperpigmentation -Pre/Post Peel Kit - gentle formulas boost the healing process and sooth the skin to promote recovery after more invasive procedures