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Are you using your skin care products properly?

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Are you applying your products properly?

What products are you using?

Are the products you’re using correct for your skin type?

Many of us become overwhelmed by the products and how many choices there are available now! Many of us buy products or even a whole skin care line that ends up collecting dust underneath our cabinets because we don’t understand how to use it, how it works or it’s just simply not achieving the results we intended…

I want to help each of you achieve your skin care goals and needs and also create regimens that are not only easy but that work great!

With anyone just getting started or someone who just doesn’t really want too many products in their regimen I always recommend a simple regimen to get started (This one’s great for men too! It’s easy!)



Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer


We have many amazing products to choose from and obviously ones that are directed for many different skin types, so I am here to help you choose what is best for your skin type!

When applying your products you always want to apply thinnest to thickest, you never want to create an occlusive barrier that does not allow that next product to penetrate and do its job.

Please check my next blog to find out what products you need for your specific skin type and simple regimens to follow!!


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